Get Out In Nature


I have a walking and bike trail right outside of my house so it’s really easy for me to get out in nature. When I don’t feel like going to a fitness class or there just isn’t one at the time that I want to do something, I will go on a walk or a run! This time…I didn’t realize it was going to POUR rain. But hey, thats ok. The image above is actually from a funny clip I made when it started raining- so it served its purpose!

I started my Saturday morning off with a 2 mile jog and then a 2 mile walk back (plus jog, when the heavens REALLY opened). I love nature trails because the birds are always chirping, the trees provide shade, oftentimes there are deer passing, and there’s always people to wave hello to!

I recommend just getting out there. Find a park, a trail, or even a sidewalk, and just start walking. I guarantee once you’re up you’ll find the motivation to keep going.

Remember: it only takes AESecond to make the right decision!

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