Sinfully Southern


Only open for a short while, Sinfully Southern Bakery & Cafe was a nice, light and healthy stop. I have to share my go-to meal with you and then another fresh option.

I loved getting the Southern Breakfast Plate (pictured right). I substituted half of the plate, so I got fruit and salad instead of grits and ham. It also came with a biscuit and eggs. This was the perfect morning breakfast and I couldn’t get enough of it! (I have numerous pictures, but I think you get the picture.) On the left, is a shrimp, spinach and onion crepe.

I also tried the Cajun Shrimp Salad and it was beautifully made (pictured below). I always get my dressing on the side, that way I can dress my salad as I’d like. On the right was a plate of Strawberry Crepes.

I wish this place was open AESecond longer so I could go a few more times! The chef, Dwayne Ingraham, was a wonderfully talented and personable guy. If you find him cooking somewhere, I highly recommend trying a thing or two! He has a past, so read up! Keep an eye on him- he’ll be somewhere great next.


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