It’s All Greek To Me


Volta Taverna is one of my favorite Greek places. I am a creature of habit, so every time I go I get the labneh (center) and a goat cheese salad. Since I love the salad so much, I decided to get ingredients to try and make it! (I sub feta for goat cheese).

FETA Cheese Salad

Ingredients: lettuce, dried cranberries, walnuts, feta, balsamic/oil dressing, red onions (whoops, forgot this part!)

Although no salad made at home will taste exactly like the restaurant, it was close! It’s the dressing that usually makes it and luckily I had a great one. *Tip: always get your dressing on the side or ask for a lightly dressed salad!

I do miss the labneh though, so I will probably be there soon. My recommendation: take AESecond to try this salad. And hey if you aren’t a fan…it’s all Greek to me.


(My salad)



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