Organic? I Want It!


Organic cafés are so exciting to my eye! I love delicious, healthy meal items that you aren’t likely to find at your average joe lunch spot. Pictured above, is a white bean zucchini burger and it is dressed to perfection.

White bean zucchini burger: zucchini patty (gluten free and vegan), mixed greens,      avocado, pickled onions, spicy mayo and house made roasted beet relish

Side: sweet potato salad

This is my FAVORITE meal to get at Living Foods. They also have many other great lunch items, including smoothies and juices. Along with their menu, they have a small market with plenty of different packaged and canned organic and healthy items to take home.

Below, is another visit I made to the café with my mom. We split the burger and then tried their green smoothie and juice. They were both so good, it only took us AESecond to realize where we wanted to have lunch the next day!

Find an organic, hole-in-the-wall place near you. They are fun to find and new is always exciting. Treat yourself! Your body deserves it.


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