Virtual Exercise Classes

unnamed-1 I have had my share of virtual exercise classes on this Wellbeats system, but I had yet to try a spin class. Let’s be real though…there is never a workout you regret. This class was a butt kicker! Cycling is always a heart pumping, lung expanding, leg spinning workout, but on a virtual screen I am never as motivated as if I were in a class with an actual instructor. Nonetheless, I worked out and I was beat. Burning a whopping 457 calories total in this 50 minute class, I was happy with my results and I want to go take it again!

If you find yourself taking a virtual class, make sure to listen to the instructor. I learned that one should do these every other day if you love them, unless you’re an elite athlete in which you can take them every day. Pay attention to your body and give it some rest when needed. Otherwise, take AESecond and LETS WORKOUT!

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