Kettlebell Workouts


Kettlebells are great because you can use one and do so many different exercises with them. I use a 10 lb. kettlebell to do my leg burn exercises.

Among the exercises I like to do, above is a quad lift. Placing the weight on your foot, you lift your leg up 90 degrees and lower to a hover. Do this for around 3 sets of 10-15 reps per leg and you’ll feel the burn!

If you want a few more ideas, you can lie on your side and do leg raises with the weight on your thigh, doing about the same amount of sets and reps. Also, weighted squats are great too! Lift your arms up 90 degrees as you squat down, then lower your arms as you stand back up.

There are SO many leg and arm exercises you can do with a kettlebell and they’re a great, inexpensive addition to your at-home fitness items! Take AESecond to head to the store, grab that kettlebell and give these exercises a try!

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