I know I said it before, but I love kickboxing because of the variety. Today, we spent half of the class doing basic bag work (punching and kicking combinations) along with abdominal work and then we moved to a twelve part circuit, one for each person in the class. I started off with an ab roller, moved to throwing 12-lb weighted medicine balls on the wall with a twist, and then did a wall sit with a 25-lb weight on my legs. After that, I moved to a long jump over pads, jump rope, kettlebell swings, and 15-lb weighed ball slams. Following that was box jump, battle ropes, jackhammers, and last but not least, push up with weighted row.

I was dripping in sweat (per usual), but I knew I did WORK today at the gym. If you still haven’t given it a try, take AESecond and trust me here. The classes I go to have people of all skill levels and ages. Remember, all you have to do is show up- the rest is up to you.


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