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It’s A Hike


How do you get views like these? Trust me…it’s a hike (up the Shenandoah.)

My siblings and I wanted to see the sunrise, so we woke up in time to leave our house by 2 AM. Flashlights in hand and backpacks full of food and drink, we set out on our hike up Old Rag. Our hearts pumped, sweat beads dripped down our bodies, and our arms pumped back and forth. Passing hikers along the way with minimal water breaks, we knew we were getting close when we started projecting our bodies on large boulders.

With the skies starting to brighten, we put our flashlights away to keep our hands free and were able to follow moonlight for the rest of the hike. By the time we made it to the top, it was just before sunrise. Backpacks down, cameras up, views like these are unbelievable. It felt great up there. While goosebumps covered my body, it was the best cool down after what seemed like a rigorous workout. And breakfast was the best with that view, too.

The hike was about 4 hours total and I burned 600 calories on the way up, totaling around 950 calories the entire hike. The way down the mountain was a bit easier, but wow it sure was nice not seeing the spider-webs on the way up. Some things are better left unseen.

The morning went by in a flash and we were back by 11 AM! I set a record on my watch for that hike and at the time, I swore I wouldn’t do that hike again. But after taking AESecond to think about it…I think Old Rag will be seeing me again in the future.


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