Caviar & Bananas


Caviar & Bananas, anyone?? I left Nashville a happy camper after indulging in breakfast at Caviar & Bananas. There were SO many items on the brunch menu to choose from, so I went with my gut. I got the avocado toast and added an egg over medium. It was perfect! I am a sucker for pickled red onions (it just so happened to be a topping), so I knew I had to get it. The coffee was great, too!

Nestled next to a new Kimpton hotel, Aertson, Caviar & Bananas grabs many of those that stay there, that’s for sure. To add to it, we got there just at the knick of time. The line was out the door in no time. Ranging from breakfast to dinner, Caviar & Bananas has much to offer and I’m eager to go back!

Thanks, Court, for the recommendation. So here I am, fully recommending it to all of you! Take AESecond and check out their locations. If you happen to be in or around Nashville, stop in! I stand behind C&B. 🙂

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