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I can’t help but reminisce about vacation because Rosewater was our go-to place on the Vineyard. Taking the bikes to town to grab a coffee, tea, or sandwich, and browsing the greeting cards and home goods while we waited, made the time pass perfectly. Even if we were shopping in town and needed a quick sip of bubbly or still water, we would pop in. Rosewater is the epitome of a business I want. It’s a warm, welcoming place with everything from the vegetarian to the meat-eater to the person with gluten or lactose sensitivities.

Here are a few meals I indulged in, some better for you and some the latter, while I was at Rosewater. Take AESecond to check them out!


(Image 1: quinoa and asparagus, white bean salad, greek salad, kale and caesar, deviled egg; Image 2: everything bagel with vegetable cream cheese, arugula, tomato, pickled onions, pesto; Image 3: egg sandwich on english muffin with cheddar cheese and arugula)

I also had an amazing egg salad sandwich and a veggie sandwich and this purple hibiscus tea was the perfect thirst-quencher! 10/10 recommend!

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