This Barre vs. That Barre

Alright, people. I tried THREE new barre studios this week so that I would be able to compare them to what I am used to.

  1. Barre3: Holy killer workout! My barre class consisted of squats on squats on squats. There was so much positive energy in the room, which allowed you to really immerse yourself into the workout and push through the pain. It started off with more of a yoga feel, with a lot of squats, lunges, and seat work. No socks and hard wood for this workout, it incorporates light weights and small medicine balls. [368 active calories burned]
  2. The Bar Method: Less moving, more toning. The instructors really focused on correcting the positions of the class, making sure everyone was doing each exercise the correct way. Closed-toe socks on carpet, it incorporated light weights, small medicine balls, and mats. [254 active calories burned]
  3. Xtend Barre: Heart pumping, sweat dripping! This was the most dance-like barre class I tried this week. With grippy socks on feet and mats with light weights and small medicine balls, moving from ballet to arms to seat work and abs, this was an all-around great workout and the stats really showed. [400 active calories burned]
  4. Cardio Barre: Hollywood’s premiere barre workout. This is what I’m used to and what I compare it all to. I like going to a workout knowing what I am going to get out of it and you know you’ll always leave feeling accomplished at Cardio Barre. Feeling like a dancer, the music in here and flow of the class makes it fly by, gracefully. [350-400 calories burned]


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