I created my blog AESecond to share mostly my meals and also my workouts with you. It literally takes AESecond to make that choice of what you’re going to ingest or how you’re going to treat your body, every day. I hope my meals and workouts find you well, and I’d love feedback if you enjoy them.

About me: AES. Other than eating and cooking food and working out, I am a normal human being! I love my family above myself and I love life. I wake up way too early. I really love the motto “wake up an hour early to live an hour more.” It’s so true.

Things I love: coffee, the sky, singing, lucky pennies, dancing, volunteering, designer brands, greeting cards, candles, scents, clean sheets, and fresh air.

My favorite things to eat: Maryland blue crabs, rice crackers, popcorn, chocolate, ice cream, pistachios, cherries, watermelon, salads, and i’m a SUCKER for Italian food (yes, pasta and pizza)!!

My favorite ways to sweat: barre, kickboxing, runs and walks, pilates + yoga, dance, tennis, and throwing the football with my brothers.

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